Our Story

In February 2011, the concept of the Sedona Grace Foundation was formed by Jill and Dave Cottone after the loss of their dog, Sedona. Sedona, named Gracie by shelter volunteers, was adopted in the summer of 2004 from the Franklin County Dog Shelter. The adoption coordinator warned the Cottones that, “Gracie loves treats”. Truer words have never been spoken. Sedona loved walks and rides, but she would choose a crunchy biscuit over any other activity.

It was Sedona’s passion for food that inspired the Cottone’s to develop a foundation focused on delivering “Canine Care Packages” to central Ohio families, shelters, food pantries, and rescue organizations in need.

Our Mission

The Sedona Grace Foundation will provide dog food, treats, and preventative medicines to central Ohio families in need, allowing them to keep and care for their dogs during difficult financial times.

Our Vision

Our objective is to provide a regular stock of Canine Care Packages to food pantries in Central Ohio with the intent to serve families in need across the state of Ohio. The Sedona Grace Foundation will become a resource for national disaster recovery groups to feed animals after or during a crisis.

Our Values

The Sedona Grace Foundation is operated by volunteers. No board member, partner, or volunteer will receive financial compensation. The foundation is focused on maintaining a low operating overhead to maximize our community impact.