What We Do

Often families struggling to put food on their table must make a difficult decision to either share their human food with their beloved pet or face turning them over to a shelter, or worse, to the streets. The Sedona Grace Foundation collects food and pet care supplies and assembles them into care packages for distribution at local food pantries. For families dealing with food scarcity, our packages are a lifeline for their pets and keeps the whole family together.

Canine Care Packages

Our large Canine Care Packages consist of a 4-8 lb. bag of dog food and a box of dog biscuits. We believe the biscuits, which help maintain a dog’s oral health, are as crucial to the well-being of the dog as the food itself. Because of size constraints, not every pantry can handle our large care packages. Our regular packages consist of a 10-day supply of dog food for a medium size dog with a smaller package of biscuits. Periodically with the help of supply drives and donations, we are able to include flea collars or regular doggy maintenance medications.

Getting Care

If you are a family in need, please visit one of our local supported pantries for assistance. If you are a pantry interested in stocking our care packages, please Contact Us to make a request. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but please be aware that we can only serve as many organizations as our supplies and donations allows us.